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How to Improve Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

How to Improve Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

A home’s curb appeal should be one of the first things to consider when selling a house. It’s what attracts buyers in and invites them to look around. The community, local streets, driveway, and front exterior are the introduction of the house, and it’s what buyers see first when arriving for a showing.

The view of the home’s exterior suggests what they might find when they walk through the front door and sets expectations. Potential buyers are more likely to go inside if they like what they observe outside. This article will discuss the importance of curb appeal and some tips on how to improve it.

Home Landscaping

Importance of Curb Appeal

Potential buyers have formed an opinion about the house long before they walk through the front door. After all, they will see the listing photos on the internet. Curb appeal sets the tone for the entire walk-through of the property – and if you disappoint on curb appeal, it may

influence how buyers perceive minor inconveniences or traps inside the house. The condition of a home’s exterior often corresponds to its interior. For example, if the grass is overgrown and in bad shape, or the paint on the house is faded or peeling, buyers will be concerned about what additional types of maintenance issues might be lurking behind the front door.

These difficulties rapidly translate to financial costs and stress for potential homebuyers who may move on to the next house on the list.

Ways To Improve Curb Appeal

Curb appeal begins with the lawn, trees, and shrubs in front of the house. Improvements to your landscaping can be as straightforward or complicated as you choose. The grass in your yard is super important. A poorly maintained lawn can give the impression that the property is old, neglected, and outdated.

Lawn and landscaping

If needed, planting grass seed, sod, or even adding some mulch may completely change the look of a home’s exterior. Trim back any overgrown hedges and trees as you don’t want the view of the home blocked. Remember that the first listing image is the front exterior of your home, and you don’t want that view to show overgrown trees and shrubs.

Brighten it Up!

A dark doorway is unwelcoming. Replace your front entrance sconce or hanging pendant with something more fun and modern. Remove all debris and dust around outdoor light

fixtures to make the area appear brighter and cleaner. Hang porch string lights or use solar-powered lanterns to illuminate a walkway if you require additional lighting. The front door symbolizes people welcoming their visitors. It can also serve as the house’s center point, even with large windows or a magnificent staircase.

Two front doors of homes

When you paint your front door a bright color and make it the focal point of your home, it will be more attractive to visitors.

Install Window Boxes

If your home needs some color, consider adding window boxes. Install them below the windows and on the front porch rails. Flowers and soil may cost more than the box, and remember that you must care for the flowers for them to give curb appeal.

If you don’t want to put window boxes on your house, consider placing container gardens in pots on your front stairs or porch instead.

Upgrade your mailbox

Updating an old mailbox will also add curb appeal. It’s inexpensive, and don’t forget to add large house numbers. This simple update will attract potential buyers who pay attention to minor details.

Clean your house exteriors

A dirty exterior is just plain unsightly and should not be overlooked. Try Power washing any decks or your home’s siding. It will make a significant difference. Consider it as if you were attempting to sell a dirty vehicle. It’s far easier to sell a clean car with a great sheen than selling a dirty one.

The same can apply if you are looking to sell your house. Be sure to address any mold or mildew issues and check your rain gutters’ condition.

House twilight photo

Is Your Home’s Outdoor Lighting Important?

It is in your best interest to make sure your home is just as attractive at night as it is during the day. Try adding a string of low-voltage or solar lighting along your driveway, sidewalks, and near various landscaping elements. Add a decorative lamp to the front porch.


With all of the things you can do to create a better first impression of your home, you now have some great solutions to making your home’s first impression a stellar one and may have a significant impact on your sales price. Make sure that you consult with your Realtor on these suggestions.


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