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VibroSynth is a tribute to the early days of electronic music synthesizers. Kenny FIne and Marc Peterka started Vibronic Music Services in 1974 (also referred to as Vibronix). Located in Ardmore, PA, Vibronic was one of the first all-synthesizer music retail stores in the U.S.


As an authorized Moog Music retailer, we created a beautiful synthesizer showroom, which looked like what you might think the inside of an alien spacecraft would look like, at least back in the 60s and 70s. Unfortunately, there are very few photos of Vibronic Music, as few people carried around a camera in their back pocket. Smartphones wouldn't be around for another 30 years!


The store sound system including (4, 16" woofers) in custom designed cabinets. The system was powered by a MacIntosh power amp and was designed and equalized to show off those fantastic Moog sounds. Bob Moog gave us a personal tour of the original Moog factory in Buffalo, NY, and he also attended our grand opening.


The Philadelphia Moog Ensemble was produced by Vibronic Music Services in 1975 and recorded live in our store.


Recorded Live at Vibronic Music in 1975

Image of Moog Modular System

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